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It's the Official "Learn About Butterflies" Day!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

We are fortunate that our work allows us to support great causes that we care deeply about. One of our current projects is developing a series of educational panels all about butterflies, native plants, and conservation initiatives for the Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation. We are proud to support the great work this organization is doing.

While we here at OES think that everyday is Butterfly Day, March 14 is the official demarkation to consider them and perhaps learn something new. Here are some fun facts about them. We hope you take a moment to learn about butterflies today!

Five Facts About Butterflies

- There are more than 17,500 butterfly species worldwide

- Butterfly (and moth) wings are transparent, and covered in colorful scales

- A group of butterflies is known as a flutter

- An adult butterfly is an important pollinator, transferring pollen grains as it feeds on the nectar of a flower

- Butterflies taste with their feet

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