Wolves and Wild Lands
In association with The International Wolf Center

“Wolves and Wild Lands” brings the compelling stories of wolves and their relationship with humans to museums and other institutions nationwide. For example, did you know that wolves once occupied every habitat in North America, from mid Mexico to the polar ice pack? Human encroachment has led to diminished territories and prey for most wolves, but much important work is being done to find a way towards co-existence between wolves and people. 


The exhibit is comprised of seven preserved taxidermy specimens, each presented in its human and natural-history context. Species included are:

  • Arctic Wolf

  • Mexican Wolf

  • Coyote

  • Red Wolf

  • Eastern Timber Wolf

  • Rocky Mountain Wolf

  • Great Plains Wolf

Graphics provide regional information that impacts each of these animals, providing a framework for in depth discussion. Featured topics include the most recent research and population statistics, while also including the human perspective on what it means to live with, or without, wolves.

Educational guidelines accompany the exhibition and International Wolf Center staff are available to assist in developing supplementary programming.