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 FORE! The Planet is a highly interactive and playful exhibition that pairs important environmental issues with the fun of miniature golf! Explore a tropical rainforest, navigate a polluted waterway, and learn how to make a wildlife refuge in your own backyard, all while playing  a game of miniature golf. Serious fun for the whole family! 

Fore! The Planet's message is one of stewardship and conservation. Each of the 18 holes is themed with a different topic, and visitors are encouraged to learn about such diverse topics as evolution, dinosaur extinction, butterfly metamorphosis and a "hole" lot more! The more the visitor learns about the scientific topic the hole is based on, the better they will play.

For example, in Hole 8, Predator and Prey, when players identify their golf ball as a housefly (prey), trying to get food from a picnic (where the hole is located), they realize they must avoid the mouth of the frog (predator) and the spider’s web (another predator). As they are learning about important facts and relationships in the natural world, they are also learning to avoid these hazards in order to play the game more efficiently. Their reward is to finish the hole with fewer strokes.

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