Monday, May 20, 2019
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The ultimate goal for us here at Outhouse is to provide a quality educational experience for museum visitors that fulfills the mission of any institution: Engaging, Educational, and Popular traveling exhibitions. Here's what our clients have to say:

"The art/science emphasis of Bugs: Outside the Box has been a sure winner for our community. We were able to collaborate with a host of partners--art agencies and schools, corporate, and hobby groups--that made this exhibition truly "buzzworthy." I would recommend this exhibition for any art or science museum but especially for a small to medium-sized venue--it makes a greater impact. It really captures the imagination and because the sculptures are authentic, it's very educational."

Margie Marino, Executive Director, North Museum of Natural History & Science.


"Tarantulas: Alive and Up Close is exactly that. Zoo visitors are thrilled and inspired by this intelligently designed, informative and very kid friendly exhibit. Fears and phobias take a back seat as you explore and learn about these beautiful and amazing gentle giants of the spider world. The exhibit itself is gorgeous, interactive and very flexible with its modular design complimenting the exhibit topics that shed a new light on the diversity and beauty of tarantulas."  

 Joe Fitting, VP of Education and Conservation, San Francisco Zoo


"Outhouse Exhibit Services has done it again! Tarantulas: Alive and Up-Close is a fascinating exhibit proving to rival the popularity at our museum of Dr. Entomo’s Palace of Exotic Wonders, another wonderful Outhouse exhibit. Visitors love being eye to eye with the tarantulas, and even those frightened at the beginning of their visits become completely mesmerized by the beauty and power of these gentle giants. I highly recommend Tarantulas: Alive and Up Close."

Mariah Romaninsky, 
Education Manager, 
Delaware Museum of Natural History


"I have hired three exhibits from Outhouse Exhibit Services with excellent results. Their exhibits are always museum visitor favorites--and attendance drivers. The team is knowledgable, receptive to collaboration, flexible, and never fail to get everything installed on time and on budget. I never hesitate to use Outhouse!”

Jennifer Sontchi, Acting Director of Exhibits, Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University


"Tarantulas" is currently (Winter 2011) on view at the Delaware Museum of Natural History. Our visitors (young and old) are absolutely captivated by it. Adults seem to be learning as much as the children."

Halsey Spruance, Executive Director, Delaware Museum of Natural History

"It seems like we only opened the exhibition last week so I can’t believe Tarantulas is closing in 2 weeks!  It’s been hugely successful and unanimously loved by all our staff and visitors, even those who come with a sense of trepidation leave, feeling more awe and respect for these creatures, than fear.  Another 10,000 + people educated thanks to your wonderful exhibit."

Maria McHugh, Curatorial Consultant, Stamford Museum and Nature Center



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Outhouse Exhibit Services represents a unique blend of consulting and fabrication talents, offering all aspects of exhibit design and development -- from initial concept through finished product.

Owned and operated by Paul Nelson and Mia Schillace Nelson, Outhouse's mission is to create an unforgettable, enjoyable and one-of-a-kind encounter for you and your visitors. paulmiaandfriend

With close to 30 years of combined experience, Paul and Mia have dedicated themselves to providing their clients with the highest-quality design and construction along with an open-minded, well-researched approach to content development. The Nelsons have cultivated their talents through projects ranging from fine arts exhibits to butterfly gardens and insect exhibits. A partial client list includes:


  • The Academy of Natural Sciences
  • The Delaware Museum of Natural History
  • University of Minnesota
  • The Landmark Center
  • The Santa Barbara Zoo
  • The North Carolina Artboretum
  • The San Francisco Zoo

To name only a few.

Superior quality that stays within your budget

The core philosophy at Outhouse is to keep costs at a minimum and quality at a maximum. To achieve this initiative, Outhouse maintains ultimate flexibility by keeping its core staff small, and drawing from the best talent in the industry to create a customized team for each project.

By utilizing consultants, subcontractors and fabricators with extensive knowledge and experience in their field, Outhouse Exhibit Services is able to provide unparalleled expertise on any given subject matter. From entomologists to art historians, Outhouse brings the best and brightest to your project. Which is why, year after year, museums, zoos, companies and other institutions call on Outhouse to create the perfect exhibit for them.

Category: About US

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