Monday, July 28, 2014
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McNamara Alumni Center Heritage Gallery, University of Minnesota

With the functionality of the Alumni Gallery expanding to include more special events and meetings, there was a need to update the presentation of the Timeline element, which is one-third of the gallery presentation.

Outhouse worked closely with the gallery's Curator and again with jwoodward design to reimagine this piece and provide the Client with a fresh take on existing and new information.

Services Provided: Full Project Adminstration including Project Management, Coordination of all activities including Curation, Design, Props Acquisition and Fabrication;  Installation; Limited Curatorial Duties.




Category: Projects

The “Legacies” Wall Projectwangenstein

Another collaborative effort on the part of Outhouse Exhibit Services and jwoodward design, The
University of Minnesota’s Medical Foundation sought an innovative design to honor those
individuals who made great strides in the medical profession while on staff at the University.
Highlighting six outstanding figures, the art piece as envisioned will incorporate mixed media
including bronze sculptures, imprinted metal plate and a touchscreen interactive.

Contract for Services: Design Development contract for jwoodward design; Outhouse provided:
Research and Development; Project Management including Budget Development and Scheduling.


Category: Projects


McNamara Alumni Center Heritage Gallery,University of Minnesota

In an effort to represent prestigious academic developments generated at the U, a recreation of a professor's office is featured as the central exhibit to this gallery. Housing hundreds of objects and artifacts that signify these myriad contributions from famous Minnesotans, the intent is to provide the visitor with a feel for not only the diversity of the contributions, but also the sheer volume of important academic contributions that have originated from the University over the decades.

Services Provided: Curatorial Duties including the Research and Procurement of all objects and artifacts, Exhibit Casework Fabrication, Installation and Project Management.

Contract for Services:

  • Curatorial Duties Including the Research and Procurement of All Objects and Artifacts
  • Exhibit Casework Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Project Management




Category: Projects


Landmark Center

St. Paul, Minnesota

Outhouse was contracted to provide a re-invention of an existing permanent exhibition located in the old Federal Building, now on the National Register. A complete renovation of the existing gallery was necessary to create the new, permanent exhibition entitled, "A Landmark Reclaimed: From Federal Building to Community Icon." The exhibition chronicles the history of Landmark Center and the people who made it the community icon it is today.

Outhouse worked closely with the staff to help redefine the exhibition, both in terms of content and its purpose. Once a pass-through stop on the greater building tour, the exhibition is now the end point for such tours, and fulfills its purpose as a stand-alone exhibition experience as well.

Services Provided:

  • Curatorial Assistance
  • Project Administration
  • Exhibit Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Project Management




Category: Projects

Client: The Santa Barbara Zoo

Outhouse Exhibit Services worked with the Zoo staff to create a graphic design and storyline that gave meaning to several unrelated animal exhibits displayed in close proximity. Identifying water as their common element, informational ID labels along with hand-painted murals and lighting effects unified the exhibit area and gave it new meaning.

In addition to Wonders of Water, Outhouse designed and installed a Burmese Python habitat along with a custom Thai-inspired mural within EWWWW! Hair Raising Helpers From Around the World, and also updated their existing Poison Dart Frog display.

Contract for Services:

  • 3D Design and Detailing
  • Graphic Design and Layouts
  • Fabrication and Installation





Category: Projects

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